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Ms. Lou Umscheid, BS., M.S., and colon hydrotherapist, completed the Colon Hydrotherapy course in 2002 at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA. This practical, hands-on training was followed with additional study of anatomy, physiology, and holistic nutrition.

Lou's interest in colon hydrotherapy was sparked by a long-time interest in the health readings given by Edgar Cayce. She has received colonics for 'health maintenance' since the early 1990's and has experienced the benefits of regular internal cleansing and various detox protocols. Her desire to be of service to others came as a result of working with the Edgar Cayce "A Search for God" material since 1988.

More personal information about Lou and her path can be found on the page called "Published Articles" and is titled: Thursday's Child Has Far To Go.

Disclaimer: Colon hydrotherapy is not intended as a cure for disease. It is simply a catalyst to better health. Suggestions on this website and/or by the colon hydrotherapist are not intended as a diagnosis of your condition or a treatment for any specific illness. At best, these suggestions will mirror your own intuition about what your body needs and/or recommendations received from your health professional. If you suspect more serious problems, please consult your medical practitioner.

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